Helping Hands Punjabi Worker Advice Centre provides various services that help meet the cultural and language needs of members of South Asian/ Punjabi Community. We engage workers from the south Asian Community so that along with other workers their lives and working conditions improve with goals of ensuring that all workers have a voice in their workplaces and are treated with dignity and respect.


The vision of Helping Hands Punjabi Workers Advice Centre is to help Punjabi workers and their families to improve their lives socially and economically in the community. Our agency works to build the capacity of the community such that it plays greater part in community life.


Helping Hands Worker Advice Centre was established on Dec 2010. We are serving the community from last 8 years. It is a non-profit organization which seeks to serve all the South Asian Community across the GTA.  Hardeep Kaur is director who manage the day-to-day operations of Helping Hands Punjabi Workers Advice Centre. Lakhvir Bassan is an Admin. Assistant of the organisation. Iqbal Sumbal is the chairperson.


Guiding Principles:

  • We believe in providing culturally and linguistically appropriate education, outreach, and advocacy and support services and in partnership with the South Asian/Punjabi Community and broader communities.
  • We believe in the eradication of all areas of discrimination including those of race, age, ethnicity, gender, class, caste, religion, faith, sexuality and ability.
  • We believe that the communities economic and recreational well- being will lead to greater community participation.

Community Participation

Our agency is committed to all the members of the communities in planning and development of the programs and services to ensure that the agency and the services offered are sensitive to the needs of these communities. We welcome members from various communties in the development of the agency. Our aim is to incorporate the suggestion that benefit the agency. In order to achieve this, we always hold community forum to continue dialogue and discussion around the specific issues we face in our daily lives.

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