It is an after-school program that provides a quiet, structured environment for students from grades 1-8 to do their homework. We support students in developing their basic and advanced skills that are necessary for elementary, middle and high school success. Our main goal is to focus on building their core competencies with an added emphasis on Math, Language and Arts.


We raised funds to helps our agency to improve the programs and continue providing better services to clients. This event is held twice a year. It is completed by learning professional of Sheridan College. It involves providing information about programs, services and other activities.


Gurmat summer camp is organised by Helping Hands Punjabi Worker Advice Centre in partnership with Gurudwara Baba Nanak. Its held in July. In this Camp we help school kids to learn Punjabi alphabets and speak Punjabi language. We arrange refreshments for them. We also arrange fun indoor and outdoor activities including playing Gatka, Jigsaw puzzles etc. We also tell stories on history of Sikhism. We give certificate of participation to each child at the end of summer camp. Here are the pictures of some of the activities organised in summer camp 2017.


The outreach program consists of general community outreach and targeted outreach. It involves distributing information about programs, services and activities of Helping Hands to all members of our communities. As a part of outreach efforts, we develop educational efforts; we develop educational materials which are culturally appropriate and linguistically sensitive. The material is produced for publicity.


We have seasonal celebration in December where we have refreshment and entertainment. Clients get socialize and have fun time. The whole event is organised by learning professionals. The entertainment consists of speeches, songs, telling jokes and also sharing personal experiences.


This workshop was organised at Helping Hands Punjabi Worker Advice Centre as well as at Sheridan College. In this workshop, we talked about the resources available for international students in the college including Student union, International centre, Cafeteria, Library services, tutoring/ peer mentor service etc. Also, the participants were given information regarding transportation, banks, shopping malls and employment opportunities.  


This workshop was held at Sheridan College. It was organized by volunteers and learning professionals. The workshop delivered by an immigration lawyer. The lawyer talked about immigration laws in Canada.


This workshop was held in Sheridan College under the guidance of Board of Director and Executive Director. In which students discussed their experience of racism they faced in Canada and its impact on their lives. The workshop also focused on tools how to deal with racism.


Each year, Helping Hands celebrates May Day (International Workers’ Day). It is a celebration of International Labour Movement. It is commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago where thousands of workers in the industrial cities in the United States poured into the streets. About 340,000 took part in demonstrations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati. The Day is celebrated with cultural activities including speeches, music, drama, poetry and dance etc.


Advocacy and networking focus on developing a formal mechanism to work with ASO’s, mainstream agencies, coalitions and groups to ensure that their services are culturally sensitive and accessible to Punjabi/South Asian communities developing partnerships with South Asian Social Services Agencies providing training around issues of workers’ rights and Social Services.


Technology classes: At Helping Hands, we provide computer classes to the older adults. It helps them in learning new technology and utilizing their spare time in learning new things. The topics that we teach in technology and English class are:

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Making and editing files and folders
  • Microsoft-word
  • Microsoft-excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

English classes: We provide English speaking and learning classes to the older adults which help them in communicating with the people of different communities and these classes also help in their daily activities when they go out for buying or on vacation independently.

Needs Assessment: Under this we help the clients in meeting their educational needs at this age. By this assessment they share their problems with the volunteers and under 8-hour session in a month they share their need and overcome the need in the good and positive way.


Information and referral: along with the needs assessment we also provide clients the information related to social services, workplace information and information related to job search. This information is given to them on phone and walk-ins. The average time for providing the information is one hour and mostly the South Asian community is given the preference.


Supportive counselling: Under this we provide counselling sessions to the clients so that they can share their feelings and problems that they are facing in their life. In the counselling sessions we focus on social services and employment advice and we deal the client in very empathetic way. We also provide interpretation and translation in Punjabi and Hindi who do not speak English.